Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A fresh start to 2009!

My New Year's Resolution for 2009 is:

  • Improve on basics needed to reach illustrator goals
  • Trim hours of video game playing to squeeze in art
  • Sketch at least for an hour every day, if not more
  • Work on finishing the first draft of my original story
  • Keep an active schedule to complete a FSNS comic

So, to open the brand new year, here are some sketches of the past few days that delineate my current work progress. The story being worked on is "Four Stars, No Stripes", an original that dates back to 1994 and is still in the process of being finalized.

Reaching the realization that American style inking was very effective and being highly influenced by both Ryan Kelly (Local) and the animated French movie "Renaissance: Paris 2054".

Two pages that start pinning down specific images, events, and character interactions.

Recent pages covering more action and emotional moments from the story.

I'll be updating more as the year progresses, hopefully. What I would like is to look back when 2010 finally comes and I have a year's worth of effort to be proud about. Hats off to the artists who inspire me and continue to impress with their hard work and quality.

May they, too, have a Happy New Year!